Since 2004, the Sertshang Orphanage Home has been recognised by the Nepalese state.  In the same year the Sertshang Orphanage Home association was founded in Switzerland, with the aim of securing the financing of the home in the longer term. 

Thanks to sponsorship and donations from Switzerland, as well as from Germany and Austria, where two other small associations have been involved in the home since 2005, the children's living conditions and education have undergone continuously improvement. 

The presidents of the Swiss and Austrian associations visit the nursery for a few weeks at least once a year.  They advise the home director on educational issues, maintain a friendly relationship with the children, check the accounts and ensure that all donations are employed entirely for the good of the children.  The Swiss association is exempt from tax, which means that the donations to the accounts of the German and Austrian associations are also tax-deductable.

All donations pass to the orphanage in full, and all administrative costs are borne by the boards of the involved associations.

The Supporting associations


Choegyal Rinpoche

Methok Dawa Sherpa



Radhika Karki, Cook

Buddha Lama, Dance Teacher

Subha Tamang, Music Teacher

Ram Prasad Ghimire, Yoga Teacher

The Leadership