Educating the children is very important to the orphanage‘s work. Thanks to the generous support from the Eugen and Elisabeth Schellenberg Foundation of Frauenfeld, which has funded all school fees since 2007, the childrens‘ education situation has been improved continiously.

Public schools in Nepal are in a desolate state with a long-expected and urgently needed reform of the education system still pending. After 13 years of civil war and the end of monarchy in 2006, the expected rise in economy has not occured yet. Due to growing poverty and a lack of perpectives, many well-educated young people have left the country.

So, the children are tought in a simple, yet well-managed private school near by. The school training is supplemented in the orphanage by the subjects dance, music, and computer science, which are provided by external teachers. Furthermore, the Tibetans among the children are taught in religion, Tibetan language and culture.


All children in the family of the Sertshang Orphanage are taken care of and accompanied until they completed their education and managed to make the step into their adult lives. With Nepal ranging among the world‘s ten poorest countries and unemployment rates above 40%, this is quite a challenge. With this background, a job formation program is envisaged.