The orphanage was founded in 2002 by a Tibetan doctor, Tashi Sertsang, who lived in Switzerland for many years.  He did not demand any fee for his healing skills.  He financed the orphanage with voluntary donations from his patients. 

His son, Choegyal Rinpoche, who is now in charge of the orphanage, was also involved in its construction.  He completed his studies in Buddhist philosophy in the North Indian town of Kalimpong.  Between 2010 and 2013 he spent three years in a retreat in Tibet. 

Since then Choegyal Rinpoche has been working with the non-profit organisation BIA (Bodhisattvas in Action) as a pioneer in disability care in Nepal, and has also founded a small nunnery.  In addition to his various social commitments, Chogyal Rinpoche is internationally active as a spiritual teacher.,

How it all started