Nepal has been heavily affected by climate change. Throughout the last two winters, there was hardly any precipitation. The capital city of Kathmandu does not have a centralized water supply system. Throughout the past decades, several projects for such a system were worked out. None of them was realized as funds trickled away in corruption and bureaucracy. So, an individualized solution for water supply is called for. Water trucks roam the streets, filling up privately owned cisterns. Until recently, the Sertshang Orphanage, too, had to buy water.

But as a public water supply system is not expected to become available within the next years, it was decided to ensure the orphanage‘s water supply via groundwater. Thanks to generous support by the Anne-Frank-Fonds of Basel and the Eugen and Elisabeth Schellenberg Foundation of Frauenfeld, this project was realised in spring/summer 2010.

The Water Project