One sponsorship (40 francs / 30 euros per month) covers the basic costs of the home for one child.  The association is dependent on sponsors and additional donations for school fees and the purchase and extension of the infrastructure of the children's home.  Children who start to learn English in school early on are happy when any of their sponsors maintain written contact (by e-mail or letter) to establish a personal relationship with them and follow their development.

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Nonrecurring donation can also help a lot, as these examples show: 10 Franks / 7 € can buy 10 good torches, which are needed due to frequent power blackouts. 50 Franks / 35 € can supply all the children with underwear and socks and 70 € / 100 Franks will sponsor a day trip for all the orphanage.

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In 2007, the orphanage moved from the noisy city district of Chabahil to serene Swoyambunath of suburbian Kathmandu. Shamar Rinpoche, a high Tibetan dignitary, provided the house and it‘s garden free of charge. On the premises, project founder Tashi Sertshang had another house built. Originally, he had planned to locate his practice here and install rooms for patient care. Also planned were a small restaurant and an internet cafe, providing sustainable jobs.

Before the completion of the new building, the original house already proved too small for the needs of the growing children. Common rooms especially were needed. Learning and playing takes place in the yard or dormitories. The lack of space did not allow for a dining room either. The meals were had on the veranda, summer and winter alike. Dance and music lessons also take place in the yard.

With this situation, Tashi Sertshang and his son Choegyal Rinpoche, who will take over the responsability for the orphanage upon his return from a three-year retreat, decided in 2009 to use the new building for the orphanage.

The decision brought about some consequences: So far, no money was needed for renting the premises. But the new building, Tashi Sertshang gave to the orphanage, still has a considerable mortgage on it. The Sertshang Orphanage Association is now looking for sponsors and interestfree or interest-reduced loans in order to pay off the mortgage and hence to keep the rent to a minimum.

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